Friday, November 22, 2019

How to home remedy to stop swelling and pain.

There are two ways to use home remedy to stop swelling and pain that causes irregular blood flow in your body like your knees, joints and body parts. One remedy that you can use for swelling like bumps in case of accidents is cold compress like ice in a bag plastic commended rubbing it on the area for the swelling to go down until it's flat killing the nerve and the pain.  A hot compress will stop pain in the nerve from the shower of water in your bathroom recommended at the speed fast enough rate to hit the nerve from the skin relaxing the nerves until the pain has gone.  Circulating the blood in the body like the knees, wrist,  back, head, arms and legs with warm enough water temperature to let the blood flow and circulate.  Doing it at a certain amount of time can be very good for arterial blood flow at home and save you multiple amount of money running to the doctor. I hope you like this post please leave a comment if you like the thoughts.  You may click on the ads if you want to shop on Amazon or if you like it with this post and check those music links also I created and published by Gary G.  Please remember the difference between hot compress and cold compress will still help but are different ways to heal.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Fastest way to get rid of the cold and flu in your body

Hello world, the fastest way to get rid of the cold in your body is by what you're about to hear right now.  This way to get rid of the cold in your body is by adding iodized salt to your food drink and water and swallow it.  Put enough for you to make it through the time of the cold and blow out excessive mucus from your nostrils and spit out all the rest through your mouth, recommended.  Side effects are you will urinate and empty your bowels all day so be careful how much salt you intake.  I hope you like my links. Go to Amazon through my links in this site please thank you and buy anything you like.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ways of removing cholesterol from your body

Basically there are several ways to remove cholesterol from your body.  In this post I will explain the ways that you can remove cholesterol from your body.  You can exercise everyday or almost everyday.  You can also eat omega-3 foods like nuts with, almonds cranberries and hazelnuts.  Eat less food that has saturated fat and if you have to eat any fatty food don't eat as much fat and totally eliminate trans fat from your diet.  Also in my research you can drink alcohol moderately if you're over 18 years. Instead of consuming soda you should consume water more often as to said that soda has black sugar in it when it is melted down.  Eat fruits like berries and vegetables like green vegetables everyday or at least once every other day. Drinking green tea will definitely eliminate cholesterol from your body.  Also instead of drinking cold water drink warm filtered water as it will burn through your cholesterol and wash it away more faster than cold water.  Don't forget to get some sleep every day at least seven to eight hours recommended.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What causes people to gain weight

There are simple things done that cause people to gain weight. People eat through what their eyes like and not what their bodies need.  First, they eat sugary foods, like sweets and think it is so good for them but the carbohydrates turn to trans fats that the body not store energy like saturated fats do.  This will make the body very tired.  They start to crave for more and more unhealthy foods like chemically enhanced foods in thinking it will satisfy their hunger.  Foods that they have no idea what is balanced to the body,  making the person behave a certain way abnormally.  Foods such as cake, sweets and confectionaries will automatically make you put on weight. Furthermore, they immediately start tiring you and and make you sleepy.  Taking a rest, the body will burn some fat but not enough to get slim.  The brain takes time to sleep while the body heals on a good meal.  When your body realizes it can't handle too much fake energy it turns to bad fat.  Saturated foods and proteins are stored energy and food that go straight to the muscles and they grow it in due time.  Saturated fats are stored energy.  Moreover, you should not eat what your body is not accepting.  The color and length of your bile explain how healthy you are.  The more darker it is then you are more higher to be diabetic.  If it is light pale like clay means you may be having some liver problems.  Sugars turn to trans fat automatically.  The trans fats settles in the front and sides of the stomach and goes through the veins to others parts of the body to settle down.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to clean your teeth when flossing and more

Keeping your teeth clean is not all about when you go to bed at night.  It can happen at any time during the day.  When or if you choose to eat a sugary food like a cookie snack or sweets, most likely it will stick in between or on your teeth.  If you leave it for over a period of time it will melt a hole from the inside and come out on your teeth and cause a cavity.  So If you want to stop this from happening eat less carbs and brush your teeth after a heavy meal in the gum line with fluoride free toothpaste.  I recommend using the plastic handle floss picks with mint in it.  Every time you use it you don't keep it you toss it out and use another one because germs like plaque are taken out when you use it once.  It is important to brush your inner and outer gum lines that is important for clean teeth.  You will never have a problem with your teeth if you follow these guidelines.  It is important also that some foods are just bad for our teeth and if you can't chew it or enjoy it, then don't swallow it.  You can share this with a friend and leave comments if you like.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What does it mean when people say to go on a diet

When people say to go on a diet it does not mean that you must stop eating at any point of time.  Doing that will make your sugar level increase which would lead to diabetes and upset stomach.  Going on a diet means to eat food that is right for the kind of body type that you have.  People may want to lose weight and to do that, you must eat fruits that suits you.  Oranges is for women and also avocadoes.  Men fruits are kiwi, berries like blueberries and raspberries.  Women can eat berries too as studies show.  Also, fruits are really for desserts and are not really for menu foods like breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For breakfast, you might want to adjust your menu different from what you had yesterday as well as lunch and dinner according to your budget.   Proteins, saturated fats and water is a good meal.  Water is a good part of the menu and should be drank all throughout the day.  Less carbohydrates and more proteins and saturated fats foods can make you more satisfied and prove to lose weight over a small period of time with sleep.  This is how I go about in my everyday life to eat and be fit in my daily schedule of work and play with my love one. Shop through the Amazon link below please the products are better there.

This is music that I created for the fans to enjoy

Hello world, this is music that I create for you to enjoy.  You can download it here or you can choose many downloadable links like Itunes and spotify or even Iheartradio online.  I make many genres like hip hop, reggae, electronica, r&b, and jazz.  I hope you find my music enjoyable and interesting and would tell friends to come and download also.  I also explain good ways of losing weight here in this blog.  I used to weigh 287 lbs and now I weigh 204 lbs after good dieting and sleep.  I barely exercised that much and the weight just dropped of as my diet changed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Eating right doesn't have to be so complicated

Did you know that yogurt is the one food that says has probiotics and makes your belly go down?  Also avocado, any berries, chicken, turkey and saturated fats foods make your belly go down. The key to losing weight is to be moderate in how you eat.  Good food play a part like stay away from msg, gmo, sugar and high carbohydrate foods which make you gain weight.  Msg is known as monosodium glutamate, which is a chemical used to enhanced food but can make you gain weight if you eat too much of it.  It will make you hungry and you wouldn't know why you feel hungry.  Gmo, genetically modified organisms, is what scientists do to make foods look bigger or like sweet to the eyes but it's not good for you because it is chemically enhanced and will make you bigger if you eat too much of it.  If you cook your food with olive oil you will eventually get sick.  Olive oil in high temperatures is cancerous food to your body.  Cooking rice or chicken is supposed to be with vegetable oil and water with your other ingredients if preferred.  Getting fit is not all about going to the gym, it mainly focuses on what you have to eat at the table in your home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Fibers, proteins, saturated fats, water, some fruits like berries, and other food cheats are part of a healthy diet. Carbohydrates should always be at a minimum if you want to stay fit.  If you attend a party and ate a lot of carbs, it is not the end of the world, drink a glass of water with one spoon of "Bragg" apple cider vinegar and two spoons of honey mixed before sleep.  You will urine most of the fat during the night and begin losing weight.  I have tried it and recommend you to do it once before bedtime if you want to lose weight quickly.  Leave comments if you like this posts and enjoy your life.

Foods and things that make you unhealthy

You better know your that your health is your wealth.  Your health is priceless...  Pay attention to what they put in your seasonings that you cook and watch the ingredients.  The food that is gluten free is obviously good for you and you won't have to go spending too much cause you will be satisfied.  Foods like salami and bologna are processed foods that are created to inflate the shelves of stores and make us think it is good or real food but it is not real food.  Foods that are said to be called chicken might not always be chicken.  If you see a boneless piece of meat looking to be like chicken in a bag in the store, I would take precautions in buying it.  Read the labels and see what the ingredients say it has in it.  It is processed chicken which is a big difference from chicken on the bone.  There was even a story the other day about rice that was made from plastic bags and sold on the market.  Pay attention to what is in the labels of foods as they will point it out.  You may find out soon enough. 

How to eat right and stay healthy at little effort.

Eating right and staying healthy is very simple.  You can drink a glass of water with 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of (Bragg) apple cider vinegar, to lose fatty bloated body weight before bed every night until you are fit.  Eating more saturated fats and proteins will make you lose weight easier drinking water with meals.  Do little exercise and sleep every day at least 8 hours.  You can also drink 1 squeezed lemon with 2 spoons of honey, and one spoon of (Bragg) apple cider vinegar in a glass of water stirred.  Eat fruits in between meals like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries and oranges for females.  Avocados are good source of vegetable with protein for females too.  You must also drink water sometimes by itself.  A balance diet with these will make you very healthy.  Eat less carbs in your diet for great results.  Sweeten your drinks with honey because it is really natural and is not artificial.  If you want to cook food use vegetable oil and ingredients like cumin powder, turmeric powder, little iodized salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, and flax seed powder.  Meats like chicken, turkey, and other poultry meat are great as long as they are fresh.  It is better than some of those foods left over in a deli store that you want to purchase.  Some recipes according to how you saute your foods don't require water.  I hope you like this cooking information.