Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Foods and things that make you unhealthy

You better know your that your health is your wealth.  Your health is priceless...  Pay attention to what they put in your seasonings that you cook and watch the ingredients.  The food that is gluten free is obviously good for you and you won't have to go spending too much cause you will be satisfied.  Foods like salami and bologna are processed foods that are created to inflate the shelves of stores and make us think it is good or real food but it is not real food.  Foods that are said to be called chicken might not always be chicken.  If you see a boneless piece of meat looking to be like chicken in a bag in the store, I would take precautions in buying it.  Read the labels and see what the ingredients say it has in it.  It is processed chicken which is a big difference from chicken on the bone.  There was even a story the other day about rice that was made from plastic bags and sold on the market.  Pay attention to what is in the labels of foods as they will point it out.  You may find out soon enough. 

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