Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How to make turmeric heal you from numerous diseases.

It is said that turmeric powder by itself does not help heal you at all.  If you put turmeric and black pepper in your food, the healing process will then start to take effect at a higher speed.  It will heal you at a 2000% rate.  You will be healed of many diseases including cancer and blood diseases.  It will also stop inflammation and arthritis in your body.  Cumin powder is also a good healing ingredient for your foods as it helps heal you of your illnesses especially if mixed with honey and water by itself in a glass, one spoon of each.  Cinnamon and honey mixed in a glass of water is also good for losing weight.  Warm the water with a spoon of cinnamon and let it dissolve it.  Let it cool and then add the honey.  Stir it and drink as a tea in the morning with your breakfast.  If you have thoughts leave comments below.

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