Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Some of the biggest triggers that makes us sick today.

You want to know what some of the biggest triggers that are not good for the human body? Well, doing research for a fact, some of the biggest triggers are carbs, or sugar.  If you can understand what makes you sick, it is the mucus in your body.  It tells you that there are alien subjects in your body that is makes you sick.  It shows many signs in the way we look everyday.  Carbs or better know as, chemically made sugar, make you fat and you have the hardest time getting rid of it.  You need not worry about that if you just read further.  A good way to get rid of fat is by eating saturated fatty foods, proteins, water, fruits, and sleep every night at least 8 hours.  Make sure you take good care of your hygiene as it will play a part in your health.  When you fail to take care of your teeth it can lead to brain damage causing many different illnesses.  Your eyes are your windows to your soul so take good care of them.  Other than that, your five senses are important in order to learn things in life.  When you can't see, you have one less of your senses.  Protect your finger nails from damage because if it is damaged it will take a very long time to get better if not seen properly.  Daily planks exercise is good for losing stomach fat and will give a smaller waist.
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