Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What does it mean when people say to go on a diet

When people say to go on a diet it does not mean that you must stop eating at any point of time.  Doing that will make your sugar level increase which would lead to diabetes and upset stomach.  Going on a diet means to eat food that is right for the kind of body type that you have.  People may want to lose weight and to do that, you must eat fruits that suits you.  Oranges is for women and also avocadoes.  Men fruits are kiwi, berries like blueberries and raspberries.  Women can eat berries too as studies show.  Also, fruits are really for desserts and are not really for menu foods like breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For breakfast, you might want to adjust your menu different from what you had yesterday as well as lunch and dinner according to your budget.   Proteins, saturated fats and water is a good meal.  Water is a good part of the menu and should be drank all throughout the day.  Less carbohydrates and more proteins and saturated fats foods can make you more satisfied and prove to lose weight over a small period of time with sleep.  This is how I go about in my everyday life to eat and be fit in my daily schedule of work and play with my love one. Shop through the Amazon link below please the products are better there.

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