Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your health is about what you eat and drink

It all begins with what you put in your mouth and what is going on with your teeth.  Your teeth leads to your brain which is very important for us all.  You have to take good care of the longevity of your teeth.  If you find out that the food doesn't smell good, look good, or taste good, then don't eat it.  If the food is too hard to chew on, then don't break your teeth chewing it.   You are a human and should eat food that you can process and swallow.  When you chew your body goes through a process of breaking down chemicals so it can flow into your bloodstream.  Don't try to drink while eating food it will cause you to gain weight as being lazy to chew.  Your facial muscles will then begin to get bigger.  I hope this makes sense to you.  Make sure you drink a lot of filtered water which is recommended after you finish chewing your meals and not any sugary or high carb drinks because it will make you get bloated stomach.  If you are to drink juices then I recommend after doing research to drink not from concentrated juices as they will non-acidic and good to digest.  Concentrated juices should be mixed with water and honey to make more for big families and children.  You can definitely add honey as a sweetener and not sugar.  Leave comments below if you like this paragraph.

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