Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to clean your teeth when flossing and more

Keeping your teeth clean is not all about when you go to bed at night.  It can happen at any time during the day.  When or if you choose to eat a sugary food like a cookie snack or sweets, most likely it will stick in between or on your teeth.  If you leave it for over a period of time it will melt a hole from the inside and come out on your teeth and cause a cavity.  So If you want to stop this from happening eat less carbs and brush your teeth after a heavy meal in the gum line with fluoride free toothpaste.  I recommend using the plastic handle floss picks with mint in it.  Every time you use it you don't keep it you toss it out and use another one because germs like plaque are taken out when you use it once.  It is important to brush your inner and outer gum lines that is important for clean teeth.  You will never have a problem with your teeth if you follow these guidelines.  It is important also that some foods are just bad for our teeth and if you can't chew it or enjoy it, then don't swallow it.  You can share this with a friend and leave comments if you like.