Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What causes people to gain weight

There are simple steps taken that cause people to gain weight. People eat through what their eyes like and not what their bodies need.  First, they eat sugary foods, like sweets and think it is good for them but the carbohydrates are very high causing the body to not store energy like saturated fats do.  This will make the body very tired.  They start to crave for more and more unhealthy foods like chemically enhanced foods in thinking it will satisfy their hunger.  Foods they have no idea of which is a balanced diet to the body,  makes the person behave a certain way abnormally.  Foods such as cake, sweets and confectionaries will automatically make you put on weight. Furthermore, they immediately start feeling tired and sleepy.  Taking a rest, the body will burn some fat but not enough to get slim.  The body takes time to adjust while sleep and not have enough time to burn all the confectionery because it has a quick burn and give the body trans fat.   Butter foods and proteins are stored energy and food that go straight to the muscles cause a fatty food like saturated fat is stored energy.  Moreover, they will not eat enough liquids and fruits to wash away the bile in the intestines.  Sugars turn to trans fat if eating too much of it.  The trans fats settle in the front of the stomach area which makes it hard for them to handle. This is called "poor dieting".