Friday, November 22, 2019

How to home remedy to stop swelling and pain.

There are two ways to use home remedy to stop swelling and pain that causes irregular blood flow in your body like your knees, joints and body parts. One remedy that you can use for swelling like bumps in case of accidents is cold compress like ice in a bag plastic commended rubbing it on the area for the swelling to go down until it's flat killing the nerve and the pain.  A hot compress will stop pain in the nerve from the shower of water in your bathroom recommended at the speed fast enough rate to hit the nerve from the skin relaxing the nerves until the pain has gone.  Circulating the blood in the body like the knees, wrist,  back, head, arms and legs with warm enough water temperature to let the blood flow and circulate.  Doing it at a certain amount of time can be very good for arterial blood flow at home and save you multiple amount of money running to the doctor. I hope you like this post please leave a comment if you like the thoughts.  You may click on the ads if you want to shop on Amazon or if you like it with this post and check those music links also I created and published by Gary G.  Please remember the difference between hot compress and cold compress will still help but are different ways to heal.