Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Ways of removing stubborn bile from the body easier.

First, let me just say that this is not something we take for granted or a joke.  It is a necessary part of our daily life habits to improve our body living functions in our lives.  We all have had difficulties in our life at some point of time removing our bowels and wondered how or which way would be easy if we had this problem.  Some of us would turn to when having constipation that we would use laxatives.  Some of us would constantly eat fruits and drink fluids.  Still most of us has not come up with a method of not using drinks or pills until I make this post suggesting what is the easiest way to reveal to the world on google a very new and undiscovered method that I might be one of the first people to reveal until now.  Well here is the information that you have been missing.  We do not need to take laxatives or drinks but fats and protein foods of comfort will help like pizza, burgers and fried chicken with no sugar additives.  Life is to  enjoy not be a pain in the ass.  If we sit on the toilet and feel stuff in our stomach that wouldn't budge, then the method I would call this is the trophy method.  Putting both hands on the back of our waist above our lower back area and gently push down both hands in the trophy position.  The effects we will feel will be so remarkable that you will thank me for this information.  Another method will be to hold your wrist behind your back while you sit down on the toilet method.  This method is very straight forward and will help very much. Finally there us the left hand behind the back method.  This is the most comfortable and easiest method straight forward.  If you like this post please leave a comment and like my facebook pages and subscribe to my music page on youtube.